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Supporting people who have experienced sexual abuse, sexual assault or violence

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Sue Lambert Trust is a Norfolk charity providing a kind, safe, non-judgmental, and supportive range of services for people who have experienced sexual abuse, sexual assault or sexual violence.

Anyone can self-refer to us and start the process of healing, rebuilding, and recovering.

Making the decision to find out more information about the support we provide is significant and courageous step to take.

At Sue Lambert Trust we have been supporting people for more than 40 years. Our team listen, care, and give people space and the professional support they need to begin healing.

If you feel ready, please click here for more information about our support services.


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Ready to talk? We're ready to listen.

Whether your experience of sexual abuse or sexual violence happened recently, or many years ago, please know that we are here to listen, without judgement. And by finding out more about Sue Lambert Trust, you are taking an important step to start healing and re-building after trauma.

What happens after making initial contact?

You will first speak with a member of our support team who will arrange an initial assessment (with a member of our clinical team), if one is available, otherwise you may be asked to call back again in the future and other support options may also be provided.

Once your initial assessment has taken place, we will help you to access the right support for you.

It’s our aim to be there for everyone who contacts us, as soon as we possibly can, but unfortunately our services are constantly in demand. Please understand, at times, we must ask people to wait patiently, sometimes weeks, sometimes a few months, until an assessment appointment or counselling sessions become available.

Everyone’s situation and experience is unique to them. And when going through an assessment, we take the time to talk through your needs and how you would like to access the support that we are able to offer.

Together, we may decide that a referral to our Groundwork Support Team or our Emotional Skills Programme is the best next step.

If therapeutic counselling is the best way forward, we help people prepare for what to expect and how to cope with what may happen.

Our aim is to find the best course of therapeutic support for each client , so that they can start living the life they want.

Throughout, all conversations remain confidential.

When will my support start?

We always take a person-centred approach, which means treating every person as an individual, and offering lots of choices and options.

Our therapy services include one-to-one counselling sessions, group sessions and guided self-help. We talk through all the possibilities to ensure anyone who makes contact can access a service they feel comfortable with and best suited to their needs.

Following an initial assessment, our aim is for everyone to access support as soon as possible. There are many people who need our support and our services are constantly in demand so, it may take a while for you to access our support. But please be assured, we will talk to you and see you as soon as we possibly can.

And before your therapy begins, our team will stay in touch.

Support sessions can be held in person, either at the Sue Lambert Trust centres in Norwich and Great Yarmouth, or over the telephone or video call.

And when does support end?

The number of therapy sessions can vary, depending on personal need and preferences.

The counselling we initially offer is limited to one year. At the end of which, we go through a review to understand if any further support is required.

Once counselling comes to an end, Sue Lambert Trust continues to offer lots of support groups which you can attend. Many of our groups are led and organised by people who have accessed our support.

We host regular support groups, and creative sessions such as music, writing, art and other creative and therapeutic group activities.

With all sessions held in either Norwich, Great Yarmouth or online, these groups provide a space for people to keep talking, in a safe, supportive environment.

Sue Lambert Trust Shoot, Norwich, Septmeber 2021

"In the beginning, I felt lost and broken, now I feel stronger and more able to cope.

Thank you Sue Lambert Trust, you gave me a lifeline."

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"When words were difficult and hard to express I was given the option of using my creativity – drawing and writing [which] helped me to unlock the silence to be able to move forward and explore ways to re-wire my mind."

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"My counsellor made me feel I had someone by my side, someone who would listen and believe me. They helped me to understand that it wasn’t my fault and that I wasn’t responsible for what happened. "

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"I’m forever thankful for Sue Lambert Trust’s support, an organisation that is full of love and care. That chapter, where I met my counsellor and started to heal, has become such an important part of my life, and my story."

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Donate or fundraise

All our support services are delivered for free.

To continue this work, we rely heavily on donations and the generous support of people like you fundraising on our behalf.

Giving a regular donation enables us to continue and develop our counselling services, therapy, and support groups, and allow us to reach hundreds of people every week.

There are so many more people in Norfolk who need our support. Our services are constantly in demand, and we can’t always help as quickly as we’d like. That’s why fundraising is crucial. With your support, we can be there for more people, sooner.

Together, and with your kind support, there are so many more lives we could change.

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Sponsored silence raises £2,000 to support survivors who speak out

Between 5 - 11 February our supporters signed up to take part in a 24-hour sponsored silence, fundraising for our free therapeutic counselling services. Together, they raised more than £2,000 and we can't thank them enough.

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15 February 2024

Getting to know…Kirsty – Partnership and Development Officer

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09 January 2024

Go Silent for Sue Lambert Trust this February

New for 2024 we are launching a 24-hour sponsored silence fundraiser to support survivors who speak out. Want to take on the challenge and help us raise money for our vital life-changing support? Please read on.

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