Sexual abuse and rape have been the lead topics of two major TV shows in April, and we’re aware that seeing these vivid scenes and storylines on screen may be triggering for some of our clients, and the people in their lives.

If you’ve watched Baby Reindeer on Netflix, you’ll know this powerful series addresses male sexual abuse, rape, stalking and sexual victimisation. A powerful but difficult watch, it raises awareness of male sexual abuse and rape – an often-invisible issue.

While BBC1 soap Eastenders has issued a one-hour special, focusing on character Yolande Trueman, who is sexually abused by her trusted Pastor. The scenes feature flashbacks showing other victims being abused by the same man. It’s received praise for accurately depicting the pain and suffering experienced by victims, while showing sexual assault as an ageless crime.

Both shows and storylines are vitally important, giving survivors a voice and showing the devastating impact of sexual assault and abuse, regardless of age or gender.

But we also know these shows can be a very hard watch, and extremely triggering for people living with trauma.

We want to remind our clients, and their loved ones, that if anything you see in the media causes flashbacks or distress, please talk to someone.

It’s okay to switch off, it’s okay not to take part in conversations about storylines, its okay to read a book instead, go for a walk or pick up the phone and speak to a friend.

If you are a client and need extra support after watching these shows, please get in touch.

Please remember we have resources on our website too, which can help you to understand more about the trauma of sexual abuse and rape, and how to offer support to someone you care about.

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Other organisations who offer support

  • Rape Crisis – 0808 500 222
  • Victim Support – 0300 303 3706
  • Survivors UK – 020 3598 3898
  • The Survivors Trust – 0808 801 0818