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Introduction to
our support services

We take a trauma informed and person-centred approach when matching clients to a programme of support. Sue Lambert Trust can accept self-referrals from anyone aged 11 years and older, living in Norfolk. If you feel ready to talk, please get in touch.

A person-centred approach means we take all the time needed to listen and to understand. We get to know someone’s personal experience, the impact it has had and continues to have on their life and their current personal circumstances.

We treat everyone as an individual. And aim to find the right course of counselling or therapy for each client, meeting their very specific and personal needs and delivered in a way they feel most comfortable with.

Some of the people we have supported in the past have kindly shared their stories here.

Talking to us is a big step. Please know that we are always on your side.


Groundwork and stabilisation

Experiencing a traumatic event can impact on all areas of life. Our team provide practical and emotional support, such as assisting with housing and finances and accessing health and wellbeing services. Our Emotional Skills Programme also provides people with the tools to manage the symptoms of trauma.

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Therapy and Counselling

Our team of experienced, qualified and trainee counsellors offer one-to-one sessions, group and EMDR therapy. Always adopting a person-centered approach, we work to understand each person’s unique experience, personal circumstances and preferences before recommending a course of therapy.

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Support groups

Sue Lambert Trust hosts lots of support groups, including music, art-based and creative writing, many of which are led by our clients. We also host regular informal group sessions. A safe and kind space to talk. All groups are open to clients for as long as needed.

Group information

Guided self-help

Our resources section, compiled by our specialist team at Sue Lambert Trust, contains articles, advice and self-help guides for survivors of sexual violence, sexual assault and domestic abuse.

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A safe, secure, non-judgmental place where you are heard, seen, and supported.

Sue Lambert Trust helps people to build resilience, heal and move forward from traumatic past experiences of sexual assault, sexual abuse and domestic abuse.

We work with a team of trained professionals and counsellors, each one a specialist in helping people to manage their trauma.

We offer a range of services that are open and accessible to all clients. And all delivered free of charge.

If you feel ready to talk, we are here to listen.

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Other support available

There will be times when we need to refer clients to other trusted partners and providers.

Sue Lambert Trust does not provide crisis 24/7 support, but others can help.

If you are in immediate crisis or need out-of-hours support, please call 111 and select option 2 for the NHS First Response service.

If you need a refuge or drop-in centre, please contact Leeway on 0300 561 0077.

If you have a medical emergency please call 999.

If you would like to access couples counselling or family therapy – please contact Relate on 01603 625333

Please also check our resources and guided self-help page.

Resources and guided self-help
Sue Lambert Trust volunteer counsellors in Norfolk
chatting in a café

"Without Sue Lambert Trust I would not have been able to continue with my life. I am eternally grateful for all the support."

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"At all time over the three years I was treated with kindness, patience and [by] a caring counsellor who gave me the space to move at my own pace."

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"It's not overstating that without the counselling I would not be alive to tell my story, thank you."

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