The findings have unearthed an ‘epidemic’ of historic child sexual abuse cases in the UK.

Sue Lambert Trust is Norfolk’s main charity dedicated to working with and supporting people who are living with the trauma of sexual abuse. The charity supports more than 300 people each week with a range of professional, clinical therapeutic services, including one to one counselling and group support.

Its services, sadly, remain in high demand, with more people than ever coming forward for support.

The charity’s chief executive says the inquiry’s findings have highlighted the sheer volume of people who, still today, live with the psychological scars of childhood sexual abuse and says it is essential victims get the support they deserve, to enable them to heal, build resilience and move forwards from their trauma.

Clive Evans, chief executive of Sue Lambert Trust says:

“We welcome the fact that victims’ voices have been heard, and that they have been seen and listened to after so long. Taking seven years to complete, the inquiry’s findings have been informed by victims’ experiences with more than 725 witness giving evidence and 6,000 people bravely sharing their personal accounts of childhood sexual abuse.

“Now, we need to ensure the right support is in place for them.  It is about time that the long-lasting and devastating impact of childhood sexual abuse is finally recognised as a national issue. It must be taken seriously and proper funding awarded so that people who have experienced this devastating trauma can access the support they so deserve.

“We welcome the additional money that has been announced (20 October 2022) at a national level, and hope that now we will see investment in support services and funding for sexual abuse charities trickle down to a local level where vital, specialist community-based organisations, such as Sue Lambert Trust, can offer help to anyone who reaches out for support.

“We know only too well that childhood sexual abuse causes a devastating impact on someone’s life for the long-term: leaving people with psychological scars, impacting on relationships, opportunities to work, financial stability and for some people, they are left feeling that they can no longer go on.

“At Sue Lambert Trust, we support people in Norfolk, aged 11 or older, who have experienced sexual abuse and we see many adults who, after many years, finally feel ready to talk about what happened to them as a child.

“We are incredibly proud of the people we work with and the way our qualified counsellors  help people to heal, cope and build resilience after trauma. We know we can make a real difference to their lives, helping people to learn coping strategies so that they can go on to live the life they want.   But so much more needs to be done.  There are hundreds more people out there in Norfolk and thousands across the UK who need and want to access free counselling, therapy and support services to enable them to move forwards from their trauma of childhood sexual abuse. A trauma they may have been living and battling with for decades.”

– Press release provided October 2022 from Sue Lambert Trust