How long have you been producing music and what inspired you to form Glitchers band?

I have always been massively into music on the side of a fan with going to gigs, buying music and merch etc. I’d honestly never really thought about being a musician, but Jake had some trouble finding a drummer. That wasn’t made easy by wanting to play gigs on the streets, which was way out of most people’s comfort zones. I got fed up with Jake moaning so I said I would do it. The first lockdown was a blessing in disguise, that’s when Jake taught me how to actually play the drums and we had all the time in the world to learn, I couldn’t imagine my life without it now!

Your new single is called ‘Your mother taught you better than that’ what was it that inspired this song?

This song is inspired by my personal treatment as a woman in both the music industry and just in general. Being a female in the music industry is amazing because you can kick so many stereotypes, but you also have so much sexism/misogyny about what people think you can or can’t do. You are also relentlessly sexualised by people and it makes my skin crawl. I used to go out clubbing and nights out all the time when I was younger, and the catcalling and sexual harassment is ridiculous. These things still happen to everyone and it’s disgusting. This song can be interpreted from either male or female point of view but it was written from my personal point of view. It comes with the message of “I can do what I want, wear what I want and say what I want” (as long as it’s not hurting anyone) and I shouldn’t receive any harassment for doing so.

You are kindly donating the profits from this single to Sue Lambert Trust, what made you decide to fundraise for them?

Sue Lambert Trust (SLT) has helped me in ways I cannot even begin to describe. I came to this charity for help after failed counselling due to previous counsellors not understanding/being fully trained to deal with what I went through. When I started counselling with SLT in 2021; I was to put it bluntly, a mess and in a dark place inside my head. I did my counselling with SLT for a year, in which they helped guide me through the issues and PTSD. Now I’m a completely new person. None of what I’ve done over the past year would have been possible without SLT. They helped me come to peace with a lot of what happened to me, which in turn made writing & releasing this single a lot easier and helped me be more open. All of that plus SLT being local to us, it was the only option that came to mind. Especially with what the song is about.

Where can people go to buy your new single and follow your band?

You can find the new single on our Bandcamp: – Everything is priced at cost with a minimum £1 donation, you can donate what you like on top of that with 100% of profits going to Sue Lambert Trust

You can follow @Glitchersband on all social media platforms