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Groundwork and stabilisation

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Working with our support team is one of the first steps for many of our clients.

Experiencing sexual abuse and sexual violence is a traumatic event that can have a long-lasting  impact on so many areas of life.

Before recommending and starting a course of therapy or counselling with Sue Lambert Trust, we support people to make sure they feel grounded and stable in many areas of their life.

Our groundwork and stabilisation team ensure people are in the right place, both emotionally and practically, for therapy to begin.

We’re here to support people with matters such as housing, finances, benefits, health and wellbeing services.

And when people may feel lost, we work with them to to rediscover their self-confidence and help to manage anxiety.

Our Emotional Skills Programme is one area of our work where we provide people with the tools to manage the symptoms of trauma.

Starting therapy is a life-changing step, and it’s important to feel prepared for what’s to come.

Would you like to self-refer?

Anyone living in Norfolk, aged 11 years or older, can self-refer to Sue Lambert Trust.

If you are struggling and want to take steps to re-build and recover after experiencing sexual assault or sexual abuse, we are here for you. Our services are in high demand so we may not be able to provide help immediately, but please know that we will help you to access the help you need as quickly as we can.

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Useful resources

Whether you are reading up to understand more for yourself while you await support, or to help a friend, or a relative, we hope these resources are helpful.

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Other local providers

Rowan Project Breckland

Alongside Daisy Programme’s work with Domestic Abuse they are now offering specialist counselling support for women, men and those identifying as male or female, young people (boys and girls) aged 16 years and over who have been victims of sexual abuse/violence/rape and/or current/historic child sexual abuse living in Breckland, Norfolk.

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The Lotus Programme King's Lynn

The lotus programme is a programme designed for survivors of sexual violence. It is holistic in nature meaning that it draws from a variety of support including counselling, group work, psychoeducation and creative arts group.

The programme is centred around a belief that you decide how you want your support to look to aid your recovery and therefore we offer 12 weeks one to one counselling which can be extended to 24 weeks. This can be accessed through face to face, telephone or by video via a zoom link.

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Restitute support the people who care for survivors of sexual or violent crime; the 3rd party victims of crime. They are parents, carers, children, close friends and partners who step in to care when the worst happens, often for decades. They aim to increase the emotional well being of those they support to enhance their ability to provide care and support for their loved one.

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Brave Futures

Brave Futures work through Suffolk and Norfolk and was set up to provide a therapeutic service for children and young people up to 18 years who have reported being sexually abused and to offer support for their families. Our aim is to help children and young people make sense of the confusion they feel and to teach them coping strategies to deal with the difficulties they face. We highlight their strengths and potential so that they are able to move from victim to survivor.

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Harbour Centre (Sexual Assault Referral Centre SARC)

The Harbour Centre Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) offers free support and practical help to all people who have been raped or sexually assaulted either recently or in the past. The Harbour Centre is offers a fully accessible building along with disabled parking and their services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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