Mark who is running the London Marathon on behalf of Sue Lambert Trust has shared his couch to 5k plan after supporting a small group training them to run 5k.

Mark has spent the last 9 weeks coaching a small group of Sue Lambert Trust supporters helping them to get from the couch to 5k!

Every week they met at Eaton park completing their run as a group, then completing two additional runs in their own time. Starting with a small amount of time running with lots of breaks walking, over time they built up to running for longer periods and walking for shorter periods, until they can now run 5k.

Mark supported this group due to his love of running and wanting to share this, it was also an opportunity to support of his marathon fundraising. He is aware some of you expressed an interest to join the group but couldn’t make the sessions or perhaps wanted to try the plan in your own time. He therefore wanted to make his version of couch to 5k available to our supporters for free.

Although working up to 5k may seem unachievable, by increasing the amount of running little by little and with Marks expertise through a clear plan, it is very achievable. So if you’re thinking abut getting active, download the plan and have a go.

click here to view and download the 5k plan

If you find this plan useful and would like to please make a small donation to Mark’s Marathon fundraising pledge it would be appreciated. You can do this at