Here's Marks second monthly update about his running journey fundraising for Sue Lambert Trust.

9th March 2022

First of all many thanks to all those who have donated so far. Its massively appreciated and helps keep me motivated to train.

It seems a long way until October but the weeks roll by fast and you can soon find you have missed a bit of training. Such was the case last month when on holiday for my honeymoon which for various reasons turned out to be before the wedding. I was very lucky to go to St Lucia for two weeks. It is a beautiful Island, but as I found out not the best place for running, as it only has one main road. The first day was fine I found a good route as the sun rose I was pretty pleased with myself.

The next day I turned in the opposite direction, oh my it had hills that wouldn’t be out of place in the Alps. I got about three miles and discovered that I was at the top of the island and indeed the road basically stopped at a roundabout. Ironically as there were bad storms at home, I managed to get caught in a torrential tropical downpour and whilst running back I missed the entrance to the hotel. I have to admit that the rest of the holiday was spent mostly on the treadmill in the mornings.

So Monday I got married which was fantastic and this evening (Wednesday) I’ve properly resumed training . I look forward to giving you another update next month, after some serious calorie burning.

Thanks for reading – you can donate to my fundraising pledge here: Marks Marathon 2022