4th February 2022

Dear reader first of all I must thank everyone for the tremendous support so far.

It has really made a difference on these dark and cold mornings. There is a saying that it’s a marathon not a sprint and when it comes to training that’s certainly the case. I’m much more at home running shorter distances so it’s a case of slowly building up my miles towards some longer runs through the warmer months.

Through January the hardest thing is lacing up the running shoes and getting out there. I’ve been running a mixture of mornings and evenings. I’m not sure which works best for me yet!

Later in the year it would be great if maybe a few of you might like to join me for a few miles on a Sunday along Marriott’s way.

The main thing at the moment Is to stay injury free and carry on fundraising. Recent national headlines once again show the real need for the work of the trust.

I look forward to giving you another update next month. Best wishes Mark.

You can read more about his story and donate to his fundraising pledge here: Marks Marathon 2022