As they reach the end of their individual programme of therapy and support, we ask all our clients to share their feedback with us.

Here are some of those stories.  Every week, we help hundreds more.

Sarah’s story 

“When words were difficult and hard to express I was given the option of using my creativity – drawing and writing work of my trauma through art, [which] helped me to unlock the silence to be able to move forward and explore ways to re-wire my mind.  At all time over the three years I was treated with kindness, patience and a caring counsellor who gave me the space to move at my own pace, to listen and hear and give me understanding of the trauma I had experienced to begin a new chapter in my life.”

Adam’s story

“My counselling finished last year and I wanted time to reflect before giving any feedback.  Sure there are time when I am still haunted by bad dreams and bouts of anger at my abusers.  Overall I have been able to for the first time, to feel free of the past to look forward to what remains of my life and not hate myself in the way I did before [support received] at Sue Lambert Trust.  Its not overstating that without the counselling I would not be alive to tell my story, thank you.”

Claire’s story

“In the beginning I felt lost and broken, now I feel stronger and more able to cope.  [My counsellor] is an amazing human being and whomever she helps next will be enriched!  Thank you Sue Lambert Trust, you gave me a lifeline.”

Rachel’s story

“I was raped several times also stabbed [two times] and lots of physical and sexual abuse over many years. He was murdered for what he did to my sons and me but dealing with the guilt and not knowing has really affected me.  Without Sue Lambert Trust I would not been able to continue with my life. I am eternally grateful for all the support.”

All names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients. 

By working together, we help people rebuild their lives, regain confidence and begin to heal.

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