The police are currently contacting anyone affected and will be offering guidance and support.

It is a deeply worrying event for those involved, and we recognise the impact this may have on people’s lives, affecting their mental health, wellbeing, and sense of safety.

For any of our clients, former or current, or for anyone triggered by this story, our CEO, Clive Evans explains what we can do:

“We have been made aware of the data breach and would like to express our deepest sympathy and concern for all victims whose privacy has been compromised.

“We recognise how distressing this could be for our existing and former clients who may be affected, so we are allocating some additional emotional and psychological support.

“For our clients who are impacted, we can offer a one-off additional counselling session. This is also available to anyone affected by the breach who is currently on our waiting list.

“While our professional counsellors are constantly in high demand, we always strive to be there for our clients, and will be offering this as a short-term measure of support in light of what has happened.

“We also recognise that this breach could be triggering for people who are not our clients, but who to live with the trauma of sexual violence and sexual assault, and encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out, talk and ask for help.”

Our current and former clients can contact us by email or by calling 01603 622406.

Other organisations you can speak to, in confidence:

  • Survivors Trust
  • Rape Crisis UK
  • Samaritans UK
  • 1:1 Project (King’s Lynn)
  • Rowan Project (Breckland)
  • Brave Futures (Norfolk & Suffolk)