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Leave a Legacy

and transform someone's life

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Our clients deserve
to live happy lives.

Thank you for thinking about leaving a gift to Sue Lambert Trust in your will so that we can support more victims of sexual abuse in Norfolk.

Leaving a donation will make a lasting impact, helping our clients to heal, find new resilience and move forwards from their trauma. Your kind gift could even save a life.

We know only too well that sexual abuse and domestic violence can devastate lives. But it does not have to be that way.

Through free-to-access therapeutic counselling and our wide range of support services, we help people to move forwards towards a happy, fulfilling life.

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"In the beginning, I felt lost and broken, now I feel stronger and more able to cope. Thank you Sue Lambert Trust, you gave me a lifeline."

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"Without Sue Lambert Trust I would not have been able to continue with my life. I am eternally grateful for all the support."

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"It is not overstating that without the counselling I would not be alive to tell my story, thank you."

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Can you help?
How to donate to Sue Lambert Trust in your will

After you have taken care of your loved ones and those closest to you, we would be delighted if you would consider donating to our charity in your will (a legacy donation). Your support for Sue Lambert Trust would mean so much and would leave a lasting impact.

When you are writing your will, speak to your solicitor about donating to Sue Lambert Trust.

We recommend your will is always drafted by a qualified solicitor, as their businesses are regulated by law. They can also ensure the correct, legally binding wording is included in your will, so that your wishes are fulfilled.

The decision about how much to donate is entirely up to you, and we understand that family and friends are a priority.  The gift you leave to Sue Lambert Trust provides a lasting legacy and a commitment to supporting people at their most vulnerable, something family and friends can be proud of and celebrate as a lasting reflection of you.

Your donation could save a life

We know that sexual abuse shatters lives, preventing people from forming happy relationships, holding them back financially, disrupting careers, causing poor mental health, a lack of self-worth and for some people, feeling suicidal.

It needn’t be that way.

Some of our clients have bravely shared their stories here, to explain, in their own words, how Sue Lambert Trust helped to transform their lives Client Voices | Sue Lambert Trust

For more information
To speak to somebody at Sue Lambert Trust about leaving a legacy gift in your will, please call our office on 01603 622406 or email info@suelamberttrust.org