Fundraise for Sue Lambert Trust - take part in #GoSilentforSLT

Our ‘Go Silent for Sue Lambert Trust’ challenge coincides with Sexual Violence and Sexual Abuse Awareness Week 5-11 February, a week which aims to provide an opportunity for any organisation or individual to engage in dialogue about sexual abuse and violence – a topic that is not often spoken about.

Will you get involved and help to raise money for our vital, specialist counselling and support services?

Our CEO, Clive Evans says; “By taking on the 24-hour sponsored silence challenge, supporters will help to raise awareness of the devastating impact of sexual violence and abuse; a crime that keeps people suffering in silence for years and even decades.”

We’ve suggested a minimum fundraising target of £50 per person. There is no preparation needed, simply sign up, and before the day talk about the challenge lots! Then, fall silent for 24-hours to complete the challenge.

Please join us this February and #GoSilentforSLT.

Ready to sign up?

Head to our dedicated web page to find out more.

Or; read on to find out more about the challenge and why we need your support.

Why are we asking people to take part in a sponsored silence?

For 40 years, Sue Lambert Trust has been supporting individuals who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence. No matter whether the abuse took place a year or many decades ago, our team of specialist counsellors are ready to listen and support people to heal.

By challenging people to go silent for 24 hours, we are aiming to raise awareness of the fact that many people suffer in silence for years and sometimes decades, living with the devastating emotional pain of sexual abuse and violence every day.

We want people to know that it’s okay to speak out, support is available, and Sue Lambert Trust is ready to listen.

Clive Evans, our CEO says; “Sexual abuse and sexual violence devastates lives and is a crime that silences so many. It is never okay. And we want survivors to know that no matter how long they have been suffering in silence, whether the abuse or attack happened a year ago, in childhood or decades has passed, when you feel ready to talk, we are ready to hear and believe you.”

“At the end of their therapy journey with us, many clients say they wish they’d spoken up sooner. Our counselling and support services enable and empower people to go on to live happier, more fulfilled lives, and everyone deserves that chance.”

“Please sign up for the ‘Go Silent for Sue Lambert Trust’ challenge knowing that the money you raise will help give people in Norfolk a voice.”

How do I take part?

Step 1)               Sign up here

Step 2)               Choose any day between 5-11 February 2024 to go silent for 24-hours.

Step 3)               Get fundraising – ask people to sponsor you via your Just Giving page, or if you prefer to collect sponsorship in person, download a sponsorship form here. We’re asking people to raise £50 if they can. But every penny really will help.

Step 4)               In the lead up, please talk about your challenge LOTS, keep spreading the word about why you’re doing it, and why the support we provide to people is so vitally important.

Step 5)               Post on social media. We have social media images and suggested posts for you to use – scroll to the bottom of this page. And please follow on Facebook to stay updated.

#GosilentforSLT #SLTSponsoredSilence

Thank you to everyone taking part.

Together, by staying quiet for 24-hours we can make sure more people who need our support are heard.

Join us for the #GoSilentforSLT challenge in February

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